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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Poll Results: Did you receive HIV/AIDS Education in school?

A total of 125 voters responded to the question: Did you receive HIV/AIDS Education in school?
17 (13%): Yes, extensive.
79 (63%): Yes, some.
16 (12%): No.
13 (10%): No (I'm too old).
Thanks for responses! I'm glad to know that most voters received at least some HIV/AIDS Education in school :-)
I'm running low on poll questions. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Your polls are brilliant. I would be interested in knowing if parents talk to their kids about HIV, and how open there are about safe sex. I know that my parents talking to me very openly about condoms and safe sex (drilled it into me before I came out, even more sow after). But I know a lot of people who say their parents never talked to them and let public education do their job on informing their kids of risks.