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Friday, March 23, 2012

"Abandoned By Peace Corps"

So, my Peace Corps Recruiter sent me a link yesterday on Facebook about a group that has been created by Medically Separated Peace Corps Volunteers. Apparently, Peace Corps Regional Offices have become aware of this group and have alerted the recruiters about it. I have browsed the group's website, but still need some more time to read through it in depth.

I am not exactly sure whether it is a good thing or not. I will admit that there are some good points on this group's website about difficulties with the Department of Labor and FECA claims/processing. However, from my experience so far, it is mostly on the DOL side of things, not the Peace Corps.

And honestly, I don't understand enough of the legalities or workings of it all to know whether or not Peace Corps should be playing a bigger role in supporting RPCVs once their cases have been passed to the DOL. Therefore, I wouldn't go as far to say that Peace Corps has "abandoned" me.

Would it be nice to have a representative from Peace Corps helping me deal with all of these FECA issues (i.e. not a single one of my medical bills actually being paid for yet)? Yes, certainly. But, then again, is it really their responsibility? I have no idea.

Anyways, I do no not intend to start up or join in any controversy with this post, but rather just disseminate some information and allow others to look into it and make up their own minds about it. So, if you are interested, here is the website of the group: Abandoned By Peace Corps


  1. I think you are very brave, and politically gracious.
    I never worked for the Peace Corps. But, as a young intrepid adventurer, I gallavanted off to the Middle Far East as a flight attendant, working for Saudi Arabian Airlines. It was cool. It was fun. Except, I contracted TB and weak lungs. Other friends of mine also picked up many health issues. Which, 25 yrs later still plague some of us.
    I do hope there is some form of support system, legally and for moral support. You could be the pioneer group leading the way.
    I think your attitude is wonderful, and fair. I do hope you find added strength soon in the future. For yourself, and others that will undoubtedly follow. God Bless you Sweetie.

  2. this is a copy of a letter i sent to the DOL/OWCP,over 18 years of doters sending in appeals and never got any help all denied but people who were GS10 and up got there claims look in to and got help writing appeals
    I BLAME THE P.c. for not get in to this discrimination process and helping us

    U.S. Department of Labor
    PO Box 8300 District 16 DAL
    London, KY 40742-8300
    Date of Injury 07/06/1995

    Dear DOL/OWCP;

    I am writing you this letter to inform you that I am filing a claim of discrimination on you office.
    Just 3 weeks ago on a visit to my doctor to get my Trazidon pills. He asked how my appeals were going;
    I explained my PTSD does not let me put any thing on paper. He remarked that my
    My Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) that I had in 2006 should have been looked in to; he also told me that your office allowed him to use a FCE test in making his evaluation.
    I was not aware of this piece of information that filled in my questions I had asked your office in Dallas to help me with. I was told to go on the web; my PTSD does not let me do a lot of things well. I had 3 mental health doctors in2006 tell me and you I had PTSD and some explained how hard it is trying to do a web search, write a letter;
    DR Sanders reported my limitations, fifth grade spelling, verbal skills, discouragement, Anxiety, borderline visual /spatial skills and physical impairment.
    You have had this information in your files for years, but you still do not do a thing to help me get a fare discussion, when I call I am not helped, when I as for some one to explain some thing I cant understand;
    In 2004 DR Bell gave me an evaluation, your office told me thy did not use the AMA guide for this exam; it was 2008 when I was talking with a DOL/OWCP person that I was told you want just my damaged area, not whole body; he was just trying to show you how the hole body was effected by my disability, like my gate disorder makes my lower back hard to deal with.
    You Mission statement is to help people; Not in my case I will send copy of my files to the Inspector General office, news papers and to any one who will help me.
    Roger D. Landry