I am 28. White. A Female. And a former Peace Corps Volunteer. I am HIV Positive. This is my story of how a few months, a few people, and a few events in Zambia changed me and my life forever. This is the story of how I contracted HIV and brought my Peace Corps Journey to a crashing halt... and how I am working now to pick up and put back together the pieces of my life as a newly diagnosed person living with HIV. This was not the journey I had originally planned... my path has traumatically and dramatically changed... but it is the one I am on now. There is no going back. There is only forward. I welcome you to follow along with me as I attempt to explore this new life ahead of me, whether you are someone from the Peace Corps community, or someone living with HIV. I welcome your comments, questions, suggestions, and opinions. Let us go forward together. To start from the beginning, click here He Gave Me More Than A Bracelet.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Angels in the Dust

As I scrolled through Netflix last night, I randomly came upon this movie, Angels in the Dust. It is a full length documentary about a South African couple that took all of their savings and moved from Johannesburg into a village and started a school and orphanage there. The film is incredibly raw and emotional as it tells the stories of children orphaned due to the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and of many children who have HIV/AIDS themselves. They share their stories of rape, betrayal, sickness, and death with the audience, as the school/orphanage owners work to help anyone and everyone that comes to them for help. I'm not sure what else to say about the film, it pretty much left me speechless. Please, if you have any interest in Africa, HIV/AIDS, orphans, or development work, make it a movie night and check out this film.

Here is the trailer for the film:

Or watch the full film here:


  1. I think I have it queued already but haven't watched it yet...gonna check it out!

  2. I just finished reading through your entire blog for the first time (in a single night, no less) and as much as I would love to say something about how much you have inspired me, I can't.

    This is because I'm not sure I know the proper words to describe it. I've wanted to join the Peace Corps for about 5 years now and reading stories like yours, victims of various forms of sexual harassment and abuse, and anything else have yet to discourage me. In fact, they strengthen my resolve to apply, hopefully get an invite, and with any luck impact somebody's life in whichever country I may be so blessed to serve in.

    As of last night, I was certain I wanted to focus on either Information/Communication Technology (this would fit with my degee and experience so far) or Youth Development (I have some experience with this and education) as I move into the next steps of building up experience before I even apply. Then I found your blog.

    I have learned SO MUCH from you, your story and experience, and the blog you have written, and admire you for being able to overcome the stigma about HIV/AIDS enough to share this so openly online. What you are doing is incredible and absolutely vital, and I thank you for that, as you have demonstrated a special kind of courage. As I move forward in figuring out more experience I can gain, I am going to add HIV/AIDS education and awareness to the things I am definitely interested in getting into.

    Good luck as you continue along the path you so unwillingly got dragged along and are now turning it into something powerful. I look forward to continuing to read your blog and following your story.

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  5. hello,
    i, too, was deeply moved and changed after watching 'angels in the dust'. i am at a place in my life where i can go to south africa and volunteer. please, let me know if you have travelled to so. africa, angels in the dust compound and anything else that might be helpful in manifesting this 'dream'.
    jill hochwald