I am 28. White. A Female. And a former Peace Corps Volunteer. I am HIV Positive. This is my story of how a few months, a few people, and a few events in Zambia changed me and my life forever. This is the story of how I contracted HIV and brought my Peace Corps Journey to a crashing halt... and how I am working now to pick up and put back together the pieces of my life as a newly diagnosed person living with HIV. This was not the journey I had originally planned... my path has traumatically and dramatically changed... but it is the one I am on now. There is no going back. There is only forward. I welcome you to follow along with me as I attempt to explore this new life ahead of me, whether you are someone from the Peace Corps community, or someone living with HIV. I welcome your comments, questions, suggestions, and opinions. Let us go forward together. To start from the beginning, click here He Gave Me More Than A Bracelet.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Poll Results: Have you been tested for HIV?

447 total voters responded to the question:
Have you been tested for HIV?

74 (16%): Yes, once
318 (71%): Yes, more than once.
48 (10%): No, never.
7 (1%) : Maybe, I don't know.

Thank you all for voting! I really like the results of this poll. However, I would encourage those who selected "Maybe", "No", or "Once" to go get tested, or to get tested again. Even for those who have been tested many times, make sure you continue to get tested, and make sure that your partners have been tested too!
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  1. Wow! I don't know if the reason why your poll has so many people who have tested more than once is due to your Peace Corps following, but that is AMAZING. I'm so impressed with people who aren't afraid to get tested regularly. It's scary and I know that's why so many avoid it. So bravo to you and your readers for being so awesome and getting tested!

  2. Most OB doctors in the US make you get tested when you are pregnant (maybe all do). That could be influencing the results. It is why ive been tested twice (have 2 children) .