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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Test Your Knowledge About HIV/AIDS!

I've been interested in somehow putting an HIV Quiz on my blog for awhile now, but haven't quite had the time to research into how I could/would do that. So, instead, I am going to give you some links to some already existing quizzes. These are really fun (at least to me), and it can be interesting to see how much you do (or do not) know about HIV. So, here we go!

AVERT's Quizzes
These are pretty fun! They have HIV and AIDS, Sex Education, Pregnancy, and Condom Quizzes. Each answer is supported with additional information and resources. You can even choose varying levels of difficulty- Easy, Medium, or Hard!

TheBody.com HIV/AIDS Quiz
A 10 question multiple choice and true/false quiz about HIV.

About.com HIV/AIDS Quiz
Choose from Easy, Medium, Hard, or Very Hard!

Compassion.com HIV/AIDS Quiz
Complete one question at a time, each answer is followed with factual information, statistics, and resources. These questions are related more towards Global HIV/AIDS and children affected by HIV/AIDS.

PBS.org The Age of AIDS
Okay, this one is definitely a bit tricky (and possibly a bit outdated?). I realized after taking it, that you are supposed to watch their video "Frontline: The Age of AIDS" first. Oops, that probably would have helped :-)


  1. I used Avert quizzes with my students as an TEFL teacher in China - they had lots of fun learning that way, and I would discuss the answers with the whole class. If you know people teaching about HIV/AIDS you could poll to see which resources they like best.
    Alison RPCV China 07-09

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